MindBody Reviews - Club Management Software

If you are running a business in health and wellness industry or own a fitness brand, then you must have heard about MindBody. It is a club management software which has helped health and wellness business owners to manage their day-to-day operations.

Let’s look briefly what is MindBody and how it can benefit health and wellness business owners. We will also share the pros and cons of MindBody, and its alternatives.

What is MindBody?

MindBody Online is a cloud-based management software specially designed for health and wellness businesses to help them manage their business operations and marketing. It enables fitness business to automate their daily tasks including payroll processing, payment collections, scheduling/rescheduling and appointments/class confirmations. MindBody Online allows the businesses to integrate their promotions at the POS (point of sale) and stay in touch with their customers via SMS, email and mobile app.

On the other hand, the MindBody’s fitness marketing tools allow creating custom gift cards for their old and new customers, loyalty programs and promotions. It also allows automatic notifications, confirmations and reminders for their clients. In order to prevent no-show, MindBody app allows automated appointment reminders.

MindBody’s core feature is to allow business’s clients to easily book their next appointments by their custom Android and iOS app, or through the website. It is a powerful marketing platform which seamlessly integrates with the central client relationship features.

MindBody package provides insightful and comprehensive reporting tools that allows tracking sales trend, which includes sales, attendance, monthly and weekly revenues, inventory level and retention rate. The MindBody reports provide the organizations with meaningful data for better planning.

Philosophy behind MindBody Inc.

MindBody Inc. sounds more like a yoga studio scheduling software in your neighborhood. Rick Stollmeyer, a naval submarine officer, set out to create an online tool that can help small and medium sized businesses to become more efficient and profitable.

The main ideology from which MindBody concept came into existence is that small businesses find it hard to do what they love. MindBody enables them to automate their business process so that they can focus on critical areas of their business. The MindBody developed a software package that turned this vision into technology and linked thousands of health, beauty and wellness professionals with their potential clients.

Today, MindBody provides an extensive suite of small business software solutions, connectivity and hardware to the health and wellness industry. MindBody Online is highly specialized product which makes it specific to the niche. It is now the largest cloud-based software provider in the fields of health, wellness and beauty.

How much does MindBody software cost?

The price of MindBody keeps on changing every few years. It started off with an initial pricing of $45/month.

Currently, MindBody is offering a three tier pricing. Each package offers complete features of their lower-end tiers.

MindBody pricing details:

MindBody essential package

$125.00 Per Month

  • Retail POS (point of sale)
  • MindBody app listing
  • Appointment, class, event and workshop scheduling
  • Automated texts and emails
  • Reporting
  • MindBody university on demand
  • Branded features
  • One-on-One training and onboarding

MindBody accelerate package

$195.00 Per Month

  • All features in essential package
  • Advanced automated texts and emails
  • Extensive reporting
  • Advanced scheduling
  • Referrals and rewardst
  • 2-way SMS scheduling

MindBody ultimate package

$395.00 Per Month

  • All features in accelerate package
  • Custom mobile apps

MindBody user experience:

Do you know how to use MindBody Software? We will give you a quick glance of MindBody Online software.

In the first glance, MindBody software seems little overwhelming with many sub-menus and tabs. It might take you a few sessions to get a grip on the software. MindBody University tutorials would be a good place to start.

MindBody features:

Here are the key features of MindBody software:

1) Scheduling:

The scheduling feature of MindBody offers much flexibility for its clients. It enables your customers to schedule from anywhere and helps you see who has registered for the classes, clients’ membership type and remaining spots for the class. This feature helps you to identify new clients and lets you know which clients have not yet paid for your classes. The scheduling feature also keeps track of the remaining classes of each client.

MindBody scheduling feature enables you to:

  • Set staff permissions

  • Assign classes and tasks to specific staff members

  • Offer various products and price packages to potential customers

  • View the schedule on a column chart and edit with a simple drag and drop option

2) Retention marketing:

MindBody marketing feature helps businesses to attract, convert and retain new clients. One of the best feature the MindBody software offers is to send automated emails to business’s old clients who are currently in-active.

This feature enable businesses to reach out their members through email or text message and focus your marketing efforts on selected group of potential clients. It also tracks the success rate of retention marketing campaign.

3) Calendar:

It is a very useful feature for business owners who want to manage their appointments in one place. MindBody allows integration of Google Calendar in all its packages.

Classes can be assigned to any trainer. The calendar also displays classes for the current month and the next month. Each class appointment is shown in different colors so that it is easy to manage the appointment calendar. It also provides easy drag and drop option to reschedule the classes or appoint a certain class to a particular trainer.

4) Customer point of sale experience:

The clients of the health and fitness business can easily book their appointments and make payment for the class, through links on your website. If the client is new, they are given the option to create a new account. Once logged in, they will see the list of all the available classes or appointment for the week or month. This will encourage the customers to pre-book the classes and provides a good way to retain them.

The MindBody software has made it easier for your customers to purchase classes and for you to setup a responsive online store. MindBody keeps the client’s credit card information saved, enabling them to purchase classes conveniently. The clients can also purchase additional equipment for the class right on the spot. With this functionality, you can manage inventory and each product’s price as needed.

5) MindBody analytics and reporting dashboard:

The MindBody software records all your interactions with your customers. It logs each interaction in customer profile which can be accessed through MindBody Mobile app or online. The profiles can help you track sales, appointments, referrals, classes, payments and custom fields. Moreover, the customers can easily access their profiles and make updates, which aids in engaging with your clients.

When looking towards data, MindBody provides extensive reports which are generated every month. You can also access custom reports for different time periods like sales for separate days, sales per year etc. There are more than 100 types of different reports which track everything from payroll, appointments to sales.

These reports help businesses to identify the trends in sales, and helps you create custom offers to boost sales. These enable you to identify various sources of revenue by clients, or revenue by class. You can also compare the revenue brought in from different referral sources. MindBody reports enable you to make data-driven decision making to optimize your business performance.

MindBody is a well-known member management system among health and fitness businesses. MindBody offers the most comprehensive set of features in the fitness industry, which is the reason behind MindBody’s popularity. The businesses who invest time in learning and using the software to the fullest, will be satisfied with the results they will achieve.

MindBody positive reviews

MindBody is a software which has gained a rapport in health and fitness industry. They have more than 50,000 clients in the fitness niche. BBB (Better Business Bureau) gives MindBody an A+ ranking through its rating system. BBB ranks the software on 13 elements which ranges from complaints volumes, unanswered complaints, unresolved complaints, complaint resolution, type of business, business size etc. On the other hand, Capterra rates it 3.5/5 from 594 reviews.

Here are some of the important element liked by MindBody users:

  • Built-in marketing and networking capabilities: MindBody Online serves as a platform for discovering fitness businesses and tool for business promotion.

  • Comprehensive features: The software covers almost all the things which a fitness business owner requires to manage its operations from point of sale to appointments to add-ons. Most of the MindBody users think that the features offered are complete.

  • Customer support availability: MindBody offers a 24/7 customer support.

  • Training: MindBody Online offers free documents and training sessions. They also have an Online Knowledge Base.

  • Client profiling: The MindBody Software creates a separate profile for each client and organizes the necessary information in one place.

  • Elaborative reporting capabilities: There are more than 100+ different types of reports. These reports can be used to identify the improvement opportunities and let customers know the weak areas.

  • Consistent updates: MindBody is working consistently to improve its software package and comes up with several updates to the software making improved users experience.

MindBody negative reviews

As stated above, MindBody is rated A+ by BBB (Better Business Bureau) but still there are some drawbacks of using MindBody software.

Here are some drawbacks of MindBody Online:

  • Customer service deficiency: Some of the customers complain about slow customer service.

  • Difficult to use: The software covers almost all the things which a fitness business owner requires to manage its operations from point of sale to appointments to add-ons. Most of the MindBody users think that the features offered are complete.

  • Missing key features: Though MindBody offers tons of features but many users’ complain about restrictions in managing multiple gym facilities.

  • Bugs in reporting: Some customers talked about the glitches in the software program which hinders the accuracy in reporting.

  • Communication issues: Many MindBody users object that they didn’t get the promotional/discount rate offered by their sales team. Some users also complained about raise in prices without prior intimation.

  • Unnecessary features: Some users claimed that there are extra features which are not specific to their needs and this lower the usability of the software.

  • Expensive full-feature set: The higher tier package of MindBody offers custom mobile application for the business which small fitness businesses find hard to afford.

Alternatives to MindBody Online

MindBody is used by many business owners in health and fitness industry, but it might not meet all the requirements. Many fitness businesses therefore look for other club management software in the market.

There are benefits and drawbacks of every software package. It depends solely on the needs of your fitness business. Before buying the software solution, identify your needs and choose the software that meets them.

Moreover, you can also look for product reviews of different software in the market. There are several review sites from which you can learn what customers of those software packages are saying about their service.

There are several alternatives to MindBody Online in terms of club management solution, but we will only talk about a few selected ones.

1. Pike13:

It is a web-based cloud platform which lets you manage clients for appointments and classes, scheduling, accept payments, and manage your employees. Apart from this, the software lets your clients create their own logins to buy the classes, view schedules and manage their accounts.

Pike13 is basically recommended for those businesses that have multiple locations as it operates on the cloud. This software frees up business owner’s time so that they can focus on their business growth. It allows you to update client profiles, class history, save notes, schedules, and images – all in one place. Your club can also set the notifications and alerts on billing issues before they pop-out to your clients.

As part of customer retention, Pike13 enables you to sign up the clients for sessions, verify the class count, and make updates. The waitlist and enrollment makes it effortless for your business to improve client retention. Another important feature of this software is smart reporting, which shows you actionable insights of data and to help measure business success.

They provide a dedicated customer onboarding specialist to help you in setting up the software. Pike13 also offers a good customer service team to address fitness business user issues.

Here is the quick overview of Pike13 features:

  • History and profiles of clients

  • Manage pay rate and payroll

  • Automated billing

  • Payment processing

  • Notifications and alerts

  • Branded user experience

  • Client communication

  • Manage digital documents

  • Email marketing

  • Attendance management

  • Class scheduling

  • Staff scheduling

  • Real times analytics and reports

  • Native iOS apps

2. Zen Planner:

It is an all in one scheduling and business management software which is designed especially for health and fitness businesses. The Zen Planner software package includes rich features and tools to align fitness business operations like class scheduling, payment integration, membership management, and email marketing.

Zen Planner helps you improve fitness business services, increase membership, and enables customer retention. It enables the fitness business owners to save their time spent on administrative tasks, and focus more on building relationship with their clients.

The target market for Zen Planner software solution is fitness businesses like martial arts academies, gyms, fitness studios and clubs, MMA schools, athletics fitness, and affiliate gyms.

The key features of Zen Planner include membership performance monitoring, attendance maintenance, payment processing and billing, marketing features, scheduling, analytics and reporting etc.

Here is a quick overview of Zen Planner features:

  • Integrated email marketing and website

  • Attendance tracking and online scheduling

  • Workout tracking

  • Automated billing and payment processing

  • Skills and belt tracking

  • Client account management

  • Android and iOS app for members and staff

  • Customized analytics and reports

3. SimplyBook.me:

It is a simple online booking software which is used by various business types to manage their payment and class scheduling procedures. The software can be accessed by desktop or mobile, which allows your customers to make bookings 24/7 from any location. It enables confirmation notifications, email and SMS reminders.

The SimplyBook.me offers a custom booking website. The businesses have full control of the booking process and helps them to provide professional services. The booking website page is customizable. Moreover, they also offer booking widgets which can be integrated into your own website. The software package also helps to collect feedbacks from their clients to improve the client experience.

Here is a quick overview of SimplyBook.me features:

  • Booking website

  • Booking widgets

  • Custom features

  • Automated email/SMS notification

  • Unlimited staff members in all packages

  • Promotion systems

  • HIPAA compliance

  • Web/mobile booking interface

  • Google calendar sync

4. Wodify:

Wodify is a well-known membership management software solution which has grown to 3500 clients across 85 countries in a few years. A key factor in their success is providing the CrossFit gym owners a digital access to the workout history of their customers. They also offer Wodify mobile app that keeps the gym members engaged with their workout schedules by enabling them to reserve and schedule classes, and provide statistics of personal workout.

Wodify software allows the gym coaches to design workout plans and schedules, with an option to publish them on social media. It is a cloud-based software solution which helps the gym staff members to access details from anywhere. Wodify charges $1.75 per member and you can get a discount if you are running multiple locations.

Wodify is also coming up with a heart-rate monitoring feature for business customers. It gives your customers the ability to track their health and progress. This is a good feature which will truly engage your customers.

Here is a quick overview of Wodify:

  • Digital whiteboard kiosk (with simple drag and drop)

  • Wodify member app

  • Workout programming

  • Social media marketing-automatically post workouts to social media

  • Mail chimp integration

  • Payroll

  • Billing and payment processing

  • Reporting and analytics (but no custom reports)

Is MindBody a right fit for your health and fitness business?

The MindBody Online software solution is a comprehensive software suite especially designed for businesses that offer health and fitness services. One downside of MindBody is, that you cannot experience it with a free-trial.

MindBody can help the fitness businesses that want a centralized health club management system. Though, there are some shortcomings in the MindBody software such as a few bugs in reporting and slow customer support.

We recommend that you visit MindBody Online website and also read customer reviews on Capterra, G2 Crowd and BBB.org. If you need expert advice in choosing a health club management software, Fitomate would love to help you out!

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