5 ways to retain customers for your health and fitness business

What is the one thing that almost every business fantasizes about? Profits? Sure! But an even better goal- Customer retention. Which- we can say - is the most common way to secure a stable revenue stream for your business.

What exactly is customer retention?

Customer retention primarily deals with the efforts a company puts in to make customers stay loyal to them for a longer course of time.

For those of you who’re not aware, customer retention is the principle factor for any business to succeed in today’s ever changing market.

Why? It’s simple: because 65 percent of a company’s business comes from existing customers and 80 percent of your future profits will come from just 20 percent of your existing customers.

Why customers leave you?

Now, before moving on to the customer retention strategies for your health and fitness business, we would like to point out a few reasons why customers leave you:

1- Prioritizing your customers’ needs

You don’t have to shove your services in the face of your customers while serving them. This is going to scare them away, because it shows that you’re directing all your efforts only on marketing your offers without paying any heed towards what your customer wants.

When you make your customers’ needs a top priority, you develop a more personal relationship with them and that’s what they want.

2- You provide poor responsiveness

35 per cent of customers will not use a brand that provides poor customer service experience, and they might hop to your competitors in the market.

This shows how critical good customer service is for your existing as well as serving potential clientele.

Get ready to say goodbye to your customers if you’ve not given any attention towards their valuable feedback.

This is especially important when it comes to fitness industry, because people take their fitness goals pretty seriously and if you have not provided them the service they’re expecting, chances are they’re going to move on.

3- You promise more, but deliver less

We agree deception is the most common form of marketing nowadays.

Have you ever thought what kind of impact your false claims have on your business’ reputation? Well, powerful enough to destroy you in the market, because word of mouth spreads like wild fire.

If you’re promising more to your customers, but are not willing to fulfill that promise, then my dear friend, you won’t last a long time in market.

4- Putting in little effort for rewards

Believe us when we say this, you need to do a little more than just providing random discount offers or free first session for your gym.

As much as these are important, there’s a whole new game that fitness companies need to pay attention towards their customer loyalty programs.

Customer retention management

So, what exactly fitness businesses need to do in order to successfully practice customer retention management?

First things first, keep this in mind that there’s never just one formula for client retention. There would always be various effective strategies that need to be applied in multiple ways across your business platform to successfully work (considering your business type, of course).

Having said that, here are five of the best ways to retain customers for your health and fitness business:

1- Be aware of your target market

The fundamental factor for success of a fitness business is to be aware of your target market needs.

Generalizing the needs of masses is a huge turn off when it comes to customer service. It gives away the idea that you’re not aware of your customers’ needs and blindly consider everyone to be in the same boat.

Whether it’s a big fancy gym with corporate structure, or a small health and fitness startup, awareness of customer needs is a must.

Let’s consider an example of an existing client who wants to lose 10 pounds within the next 2 months with greater focus towards stamina and strength building.

Now imagine if you don’t pay attention towards his fitness goals and just aimlessly bombard him with multiple weight loss tips.

Next thing you know? He would instantly say no to your unfocused strategy and would move on to the business that is more inclined towards providing customized solutions.

Catering to customer’s requirements and keeping an eye out for new opportunities arising from people’s needs can not only work wonders for your loyalty scheme, but also aid you in acquiring new clients.

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2- Empathy and superior customer service

You cannot really understand a person’s situation if you’re unable to put yourself in their shoes.

This is particularly important in health and fitness industry, because unless you can associate yourself to someone’s physical and mental health, you cannot expect to develop a personal relationship with them.

Customers always want someone to listen to them and address their problems in the most intimate, not to forget- professional way possible. And that is what makes them keep coming back.

Therefore, an empathetic relationship and superior customer services are one of the most pivotal factors for customer loyalty.

3- Right form of marketing

Even with all the latest and numerous marketing tools, it is often difficult for marketers to determine the right type of marketing campaign for their target market.

At this juncture, we think it’s safe to say that effective marketing involves hefty costs and it takes a lot of investment of resources to convey the right message across right platform to the right audience.

For your fitness business, you have to make sure to use the right marketing tool which would be most effective in accordance with your target market’s daily routine and one with which they can associate themselves.

Let’s suppose your potential client is a tech fanatic who spends several hours a day on his smartphone.

Now, targeting him via traditional means of marketing would be a complete waste. Instead, a better and more efficient means could be personalized emails.

4- Loyalty schemes

Let’s just take this moment and accept that all of us like free stuff, and being rewarded as a part of a loyalty scheme acts as cherry on top.

Designing rewards creative for new and old customers as a part of loyalty marketing can act as a trigger for frequent visits to your fitness club, in return giving you a client for a longer period of time.

One of the tactics that you can utilize as a part of loyalty scheme could be to provide free diet consultancy in return for 3 months subscription to your health club.

5- Value for money

The universal phenomenon for greater customer retention rate is to provide value for money.

Remember! People are willing to spend more money, only if the company is willing to provide value against that money.

Sending personalized motivational messages, addressing any possible injury issues, customized health plans, or even a simple message of gratitude adds value to the relationship with clients.

In a nutshell

The list for ways to retain customers can go on and on, because there are no shortcuts for developing long lasting relationship with customers. The truth is your products and services will eventually decide who gets to stay and who moves on

For a long lasting profitable relationship, health and fitness firms need to go beyond the traditional means of retaining customers and think about more one-on-one loyalty strategies for their current as well as potential clientele.

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