Four ways to acquire new customers for your health studio

Are you banging your head against the wall? Finding more clients for your fitness studio is consuming more of your efforts?

Getting more of your ideal clients was never been that easy… especially at this point of time when most of the people are planning their vacations for winter season, getting more business for your fitness gym is much difficult.

Don’t worry I will help you out by explaining some tips to acquire new customers for your fitness business. You just need to know what to market to your audience as you get to them. In short, you must know your goal as this will help you out in narrowing down your focus. Getting attention of your target audience is more important than reaching them out. Make sure that you have such an offer in your pack which they cannot refuse.

Today, I will tell you 3 ways to acquire new customers for your health studio.

1). Prepare your website and social media profiles:

You know that you want more clients for your business, for this you need to first prepare your fitness website and social media accounts for your offers. Revamp your brand message and showcase to your audience in the front. Tell them that you are there for them even if they are busy planning their vacations.

Add more opt-ins and lead magnets on your homepage so that you don’t miss out any chance to capture your leads. Offer them free workout plans, newsletter signups, e-books etc. with clear call-to-actions. You know that visuals are better in grabbing attention than text content. Try using good quality images. Do this for both, your website and social media accounts.

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2). Offer your leads “A Reward”:

Before reaching out to new audience you need to make sure that your existing clients or leads are engaged and keeps on coming back to your gym. You can do this by giving them some quantifiable reward. Like, martial art studios do this with their belt system.

You can give this reward to your most motivated and consistent clients. Tell them that they will get that reward if they prove excellence. This will push them harder to keep coming back to your gym and led others to stay in the loop. A sense of getting in a competition is quite influencing to engage others as well.

3). Offer free training day for new clients:

It would be better if you can come up with an additional landing page and Facebook ad campaign for free training. Once new audience signup for a free training class you can have their contact information. It will help in reusing their contact details to entice them to get a paid plan.

People offer free stuff and apart from this offering a small chunk for free let them taste your fitness brand. If they find they can easily fit in, they will definitely convert to your paying customers. You can also inform your current clients to invite their friends to the Free Training Day. This technique will for sure prove prolific for your business.

4). Become more visible to local community:

The fitness businesses serve the local community member. You should find ways to become prominent in your community by being active in community work. It is a vital element to make your brand name and gain new clients. We advise you to join local non-profit board, local fitness business community, chamber of commerce and other relevant organization to flourish your marketing efforts. People will recognize you more when they see someone helping the community.

Another way to interact with your community is to take part in community events, trade show and fitness expos. Try to become a participant or an exhibitor to help the locals to know you better and recognize your brand.


There are several other technique to increase your client base with marketing campaigns. But for this time we want you to try the above technique and let us know how this proved to your business in the comments below. We will be sharing more such tips for your fitness gyms and studio. Don’t forget to sign up for Fitomate so that you don’t miss out anything.

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