Three ways to Enhance the Online Visibility of Your Fitness Business

  • Do you know that 81% of shoppers research online before making a purchase?

  • What if they can’t find you online and you miss the opportunity to get a potential lead?

  • Would you like your competitors to grab a chunk of revenue… which you could possibly earn?

  • It does not matter what business you are running. You desperately need an enhanced online presence.

  • But don’t worry I have got your back. I will briefly explain how you can improve the Online visibility of your health and fitness business.

  • It has become harder than ever to claim your business online on your desired keywords. Even small businesses can beat you up if they work with proper online strategy.

Now, let's look on the 3 ways to enhance the online visibility of your fitness business.

Develop your Website:

Having a company website is the first step towards developing your online visibility. Your own website works the same as having an eye-catchy ad on yellow pages.

Your website should be the first thing that should appear to your customers when they look up in the search engine like Google, Bing etc. This is also your first asset on which you build your online brand.

I have stated above that the people research online before actually buying the product. Your website should clearly depict your brand message and personification. Also make sure that your website should be mobile view optimized.

The visuals and message content plays a key role in convincing an online visitor to make a purchase decision. You should aim for converting your visitors rather than just creating awareness.

Having a social media presence:

Social media is very useful channel to generate online leads for your business. In 2017, 81% of US Americans have social media accounts with an annual growth rate of 5%.

You just need to find out that on which channels you can find most of your target audience either on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or all of them. Then create a business page on those channels.

You should be actively posting and communicating with your audience and delivering the right message on right time. The social media pages and your posts will also get indexed on the search engines.

Get online customer reviews:

If people hear about you for the very first time, why should they buy from you? There is a need to build trust among the customers which is the major factor that leads the decision to make an online purchase.

In order to build trust and referencing you should convince your customers to leave online reviews for you on Yelp, Google My Business and even on social media channels. Yelp and Google My Business listing works well on search engine. So, if you have a physical presence of your health and fitness business you should claim your spot.

Just make sure that your listing should be correct, updated and should contain images of your location. You should convince or incentivize your happy customers to write reviews for you on these listings.

Just give it a try and see the wonders it will bring to your business.

wGet online customer reviews

Get Online
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